vProduct NoLB001
zProduct NameLei Bag R+

rThe Leibag R+ is designed to hold 2 SLR camera bodies with / without motor drives, 4 lenses, 1 flash light, 1 light meter, several rolls of films, filters, and still have room for other accessories, such as map, mobile phone, and batteries, etc.

rThe continuous insert / divider (included) can be used in wrapping odd size equipment, and give you an opportunity to show how smart you are in space management (suitable for digital SLR).

rThis bag features the quick release system with adjustable leather strap for expansion. This is a century old design but proven to be effective without a doubt. This also gives the bag that timeless look with a touch of class.

rThe design using D-rings to hold the shoulder strap makes sure the load is pointing downwards, so whether the bag is carried on the side or across your neck, it will always hug your body.

rThe ergonomic shoulder strap with anti-slip pad is CAD designed to evenly distribute the load on your shoulder, creating a much lighter feel.

rThe fool proof handle for lifting and prevention of equipment spilling is merely a much shorter strap attached to the D-rings. Since the D-rings carry the entire load of the bag, there is no chance in spilling. This design is well proven for decades; however, it is very rarely seen on the market today, and we are bringing it back to life.

rYou might think that this bag looks very similar to several products already in the market; but you can not judge a book by its cover, and we guarantee you the attention in small details makes a big difference, and you will be hooked.

rTry one today, and focus on your photography from now on!!!